Owners Mary L. Hepner and Theresa M. Novak

A chocolate lover’s dream housed in the Back Mountain area of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Once guests enter the three-story rustic barn home to Ah! Some Chocolate, they are surrounded by fine hand-crafted chocolates — everything from gourmet truffles and chocolate turtles to chocolate-covered pretzels and potato chips.

This boutique is a dream come true for friends and owners Mary L. Hepner and Theresa M. Novak. The pair began operating their business at the Stegmaier Mansion in December 2007 to fulfill Internet and corporate business orders. The business quickly took off and the pair knew they needed a larger space.

While uncertain what lay ahead for the nation’s economy, Hepner and Novak opened the retail boutique store in February 2008.

The duo has received great support from the local community and sales have exceeded their expectations.

The pair uses local farm fresh ingredients in combination with extraordinary single origin chocolates sourced from specific plantations around the world. “We add only the finest ingredients. There is very little sugar. There are no fillers. It is really pure ingredients,” Hepner said.

Novak added that customers who have a more discriminating palate and who are shopping for distinctive chocolates will not be disappointed. Our chocolates are freshly made and creatively handcrafted to meet the highest expectations. In fact, we exceed them.

We  specialize  in unique corporate gifts and custom orders created for any occasion. When you give our chocolates it will become the only gift they will ever want. 

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